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Barbie Glam Convertible

Barbie Glam Convertible
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Model: X7944
UPS: 746775167769
Package Quantity: 1

I certainly loved that it has features shiny-metallic wheels and signature pink print interior. The UPC for this is 746775167769. The doll dimensions are 6.38" Height x 7.5" Length x 14" Width. Searching for Barbie Glam Convertible . I would like for you to get the best price and service when purchasing a Barbie doll.

Ready to zoom around town in style? Decorated in Barbie's signature pink this trendy, two door coupe seats two buddies comfortably. Vroom, vroom! Check out this fabulous convertible car, designed in Barbie doll's signature pink! Features a sleek, stylish design with pinktastic touches. Lots of imaginative, storytelling playtime that girls love!) , the trendy, roomy two-door model seats two friends (not included) , so they can comfortably cruise and take inside the sights. The perfect automobile for creating a bold fashion statement and cruising around town in glamorous style! The two-door vehicle seats two dolls (not included) and capabilities realistic details for cruising adventures and role-play fun! Decorated in Barbie doll's signature pink (of course! Featuring a sleek, stylish design with pinktastic touches, white interior - decorated with a purple-and-red pattern and pink wheel that sport the Barbie “ B” logo in silver. The Ultimate Ride for Glam-tastic Adventures! This super-chic convertible will likely be the perfect vehicle for creating a bold fashion statement and tooling around town in glamorous style!

Lots of Stylish, Storytelling Play With this fabulous car, girls can play out joining Barbie doll and a best bud for a complete day of play! Soak up some sun while driving to the beach or park - then hit the city streets after dark for a night on the town! Holofoil headlights help keep things bright, while the large shiny metallic wheels generate a silver streak when racing down the road. Whatever the adventure or destination, Barbie doll will look super stylin' behind the wheel of this amazing ride!

Extra Features and Realistic Touches When you're ready to cruise, be sure to buckle up! The steering wheel turns for driving role-play, while the dual side-view mirrors add realistic touches. As Barbie doll knows, it's all about the details! A pink seatbelt keeps each passenger safe in the white seats, which are accented with charming purple print and red bows.


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