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Barbie Glam Laundry Furniture Set

Barbie Glam Laundry Furniture Set
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Model: X7938
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One of the several best features for this doll is the collect all 3 barbie glam furniture sets. Other features include things like help barbie doll wash her laundry. It's 11.5" Height x 3.5" Length x 9" Width and has a weight of 0.98 lbs. How to buy a Barbie Glam Laundry . To order the product now at the lowest price, check out our partners via the link.

When Barbie doll has laundry to do, this room will help her get it done! Plus, a great new innovation feature permits girls to place furniture and accessories in several ways so that they really stay in location. Clean up is easy because there is no mess to clean up! Each set sold separately, collect them all! Doll not included. The set contains a fabulous washer/dryer with foldout ironing board and associated piece-count that includes the iron along with a laundry basket.

Product FeaturesHelp Barbie doll wash her laundryFabulous washer/dryer with fold-out ironing boardInnovative feature keeps furniture and accessories in placeIncludes washer/dryer combo with ironing board and tons of accessoriesCollect all 3 Barbie Glam Furniture setsProduct Measures: 3. 5"x 9"x 11. 5"Recommended Ages: 3-12 years


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